Big events

How many people in your team is out in the field, or attend Big Events? You're not in business until you're out in the field every night. Learn the presentation. Keep it short. Keep it simple and duplicatable.

Our Vision

As independent agents committed to the best interest of our clients, we are going to help 20 million families to become financially independent through our products. We will also create the largest entrepreneurial leadership movement the world has ever seen.

Our values

Loyalty, Integrity, Leadership by example, Going the extra mile, Teamwork, Brotherhood & Sisterhood, Humility, Entrepreneurship, Initiative, and Discipline. We live by the 5 Fs: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun.

Our Mission

Our mission is "NO FAMILY LEFT BEHIND" We equip you to make more money, save more money, pay less taxes, get out of debt, and retire early. With a six-step approach, we create a customized plan for each client to build wealth, have financial protection, and create a legacy.

Certified Field Trainers

Brinetta Richard

She has a background in nursing

Jasmine Alsup

She has a background in entertainment. She is a poet.

Tracey Malcolm

She has a background in nursing

Nichelle McLaren

She has a background in nursing and business.

Meg Awunti

She has a background in healthcare as a doctor.

Feby Francois

He has a background in trucking and in marketing

Alecia Hall

She has a background in healthcare

Sanddy Jean Louis

He has a background in trucking and in credit repair.

Diana Paulissaint

She has a background in travel services

Big Win Wednesday

We have weekly trainings, check the team calendar. Our trainings are not mandatory, they are also not optional. We do require that you make it on Wednesday nights and participate. Clap onto others as you would like them clapping onto you.

MaxOut Monday

Every Monday at 9PM Est. we have Maxout Monday with some of our top earning and building agents. Success leave clues, register and participate

Strategic saturdays

Every Saturdays we also have product training with the Miliare Group. Learn how to work with different types of clients.


Is your client in debt? Looking for ways to lower their interest rates, or monthly payments?


When it comes to submitting rollovers, consider writing with Athene or Nationwide. Talk to your trainer and look into what is best for your client.


Do you know someone that is looking into a Living Trust or Legacy Planning? You don't need a license to register with LSPN!